Connecting a headset to a NEC DSX 22B Display Tel

These instructions will work for the NEC DSX 34B Display Telephone and the NEC DSX 34B Super Display phone as well as the NEC DSX 22B Display phone.

The NEC 22B Display Telelphone has a built in handset plug in the bottom of the phone eliminating the need for a headset amplifier.  

Turn the 22B Display Telephone over and locate the jack on the bottom of the phone labeled headset.  Simply plug the headset cord directly into the headset jack located on the bottom of the telephone.  The cords for your handset and headset should be run through the two channels to keep the cords from tangling.

nec dsx 22b display tel headset channel

Now you will need to put the NEC telephone into headset mode. Do this by pressing #47 while the handset is on the hook. You then press 9 to activate or 6 if you want to turn headset mode off.

To use the headset you will leave your handset on the hook. You can answer calls by pressing the flashing line keys or the flashing call coverage keys. Use the speaker key to disconnect.

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