NEC DS 2000 phone system intramail goes immediately to voice mail

Problem:  On a DS1000/2000 phone system callers are sent directly to a users mailbox instead of ringing the NEC phone and then going to a mailbox.  Dialing or inter-coming  the phone extension number causes the phone to ring as normal. Solution: This is typically caused when the NEC DS2000 or NEC DSX user inadvertently puts […]

Recording the built in auto-attendant greeting

The following is instructions on recording an auto-attendant greeting using the built-in auto-attendant (not the Intramail).  Follow this link for instructions on recording an auto-attendant greeting when you are using the Intramail voice mail. Note that when using the built-in auto-attendant there is no messaging capabilities.  In order to take messages you will need to […]

NEC Cordless DECT Phone DTL-8R-1

PRODUCT SUMMARY Purchase an NEC Cordless DECT Phone DTL-8R-1 The Good: Fixed function keys such as Hold, Conference, Transfer and Redial in addition to 8 programmable feature keys make the NEC Cordless DECT phone much more user friendly than standard analog cordless phones.  Convenient 3 line display shows messages waiting, extension name and caller ID […]

Changing the time and date NEC DSX 22B display tel

To change the time and date on a NEC DSX telephone system using a NEC 22B Display Tel or a NEC 34B Display Tel follow these steps: Locate extension 300 (You can get the extension number by pressing 6 with the phone in an idle state With the phone in an idle state press # […]

Setting A Temporary Greeting On A NEC DSX 22B Display Tel

The first step is to record your temporary message in an instruction mailbox.  In this case we are using instruction mailbox 803 (003).  Before you record a new message in mailbox 803 make sure that it is not being used by choosing the “listen option” before re-recording.  This is assuming you have a NEC […]

NEC DSX 22B Display Tel Recording A Night Greeting

STEP 1: PRESS ICM, DIAL 700. “please enter the mailbox number” STEP 2: DIAL 300 “you have no new messages” STEP 3: DIAL 72 “welcome to the system administrator menu” STEP 4: PRESS THE BUTTON UNDER INST (OR NEXT TO INSTRUCTION ON A 34-BUTTON SUPER DISPLAY PHONE) “please enter the mailbox number for the instruction […]

NEC DSX Intramail PRO Voice Mail

NEC DSX Intramail PRO Voice Mail One of the reasons why the NEC DSX-40, NEC DSX-80 and NEC DSX-160 telephone systems have become so popular in today’s business marketplace might be because of their NEC DSX Intramail PRO Voice Mail. NEC DSX Intramail voice mail has emerged as a viable option because it features programming simplicity, […]

NEC DSX Telephone System

The NEC DSX Telephone System was designed for mid-sized businesses whose size might increase in the next few years. Principally, the NEC DSX Telephone System was created on the success of its predecessor, the NEC DS2000. Whereas the DS2000 can accommodate a maximum of thirty-two Lines, the NEC DSX Telephone System increases that amount to […]

NEC DSX 22B Display Tel common feature buttons

Line appearance keys The first row of button usually has your line keys labeled line 1 – line x A line key provides an extension user with one-button access to outside lines. The extension user just presses a line key to place or answer a call on the line. There is no need to dial […]

Transferring calls on a NEC DSX 22B Display Tel without a hotline button

Transfer permits an extension user to send (i.e., extend) an active call to any other extension in the system. With Transfer, any extension user can quickly send a call to the desired co-worker. A call a user transfers automatically recalls if not picked up at the destination extension. An extension user can Transfer both outside […]

NEC DSX Personal Speed Dial Programming

The personal speed dial buttons on the NEC DSX 22B Display Tel and the DSX 34B Display Tel are the ten buttons located directly below the display. The first of these buttons corresponds to speed dial bin 701 and the last speed dial 710. Once a speed dial number has been stored in a bin […]

Making A Conference Call on a NEC DSX 22B display telephone

The NEC DSX-40, DSX 80 and DSX 160 phone system can do a conference call with up to 8 members. This can be a combination of outside lines (up to the number of telephone lines you have from the phone company) and internal extensions. With the NEC phone system you can have a maximum of […]

NEC DSX Line Ringing

Incoming calls on a NEC DSX telephone system usually follow Key Ringing (3112).  The DSX 22B and 34B Display Phones can be programmed to ring or not ring on an individual basis by using the feature code # 7 2 5.   Press # 7 2 5 and you’ll notice that all of your line appearance buttons […]

NEC DSX PC Programmer

To make programming changes on the NEC DSX-80, DSX-40 or DSX-160 telephone system with PC Programmer you will first need to download and install the software (click here).  After installing the program on your PC you will need to connect the NEC telephone system to your Local Area Network and assign an IP address to […]

Entering Programming on an NEC DSX

Following these steps will enable programming on an NEC DSX phone system. Changing settings while in technician level programming on an NEC DSX may adversely effect phone system operation. If you are unsure how to program your system please call us for support at 866-898-2303. We can remotely access your system and you can watch […]

Connecting a paging horn to the NEC DSX telephone system

To connect an external paging horn or system to the NEC DSX telephone system you will need a 1/8″ mono audio cable connected to the audio output on the CPU card. The other end of the audio cable should match the input on your paging system. If you are connecting to a Valcom paging horn […]

Connecting Music Or Message On Hold To A NEC DSX

The NEC DSX-80 and DSX-160 telephone systems have 3 1/8″ minijacks located on the CPU card. The 2 minijacks closest to the outside are the audio inputs. The first minijack is audio in 1, the second is audio in 2 and the third is a page output. To connect music-on-hold you will need a mono […]

NEC DSX Intramail Mailbox Types

The NEC DSX Intramail has 16 special mailboxes that can be used for 4 different functions.  These mailboxes are numbered 001 through 016 (or 801 – 816 depending on your version) and they can be programmed to perform the following functions: Instruction Mailbox: An instruction mailbox is used to give callers…. instructions!  Normally these mailboxes […]

NEC DSX Intramail Basics

Adding a voice mail to your phone system can increase your employee productivity, make your company sound more professional and allow you to provide superior customer service. The voice mail/auto attendant for the NEC DSX telephone system is the Intramail. The NEC DSX Intramail is both a voice mail and an auto-attendant. The Intramail is […]

Changing The Day Greeting On A NEC DSX 22B Display Tel

If you are using the Intramail with your NEC DSX phone system then your day greeting is usually set up as instruction mailbox 002 (verify with your system administrator). To change the greeting using a 22B display tel: Press ICM 700 Dial 300 and enter the passcode Press 72 for System Administration Press 4 for […]

Recording The Operator Mailbox Greeting On A NEC DSX 22B Display Tel

If you are using the Intramail with your NEC DSX telephone system (22B display tel phone) then your general delivery mailbox is usually set up as mailbox 600 (verify with your system administrator). This is the mailbox that callers are usually sent to if they press 0 or make no choice from the auto attendant […]

Setting Up A Mailbox On A NEC DSX Intramail

To take full advantage of the NEC Intramail you will need to record a personal greeting, record your mailbox name and change your mailbox password. Step 1: Recording your personal greeting Press the V-Mail button, press the softkey under Greet and choose the greeting you wish to record – 1, 2 or 3. I recommend […]

Connecting a headset to a NEC DSX 22B Display Tel

These instructions will work for the NEC DSX 34B Display Telephone and the NEC DSX 34B Super Display phone as well as the NEC DSX 22B Display phone. The NEC 22B Display Telelphone has a built in handset plug in the bottom of the phone eliminating the need for a headset amplifier.   Turn the 22B […]

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