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SMT-i6021 - OfficeServ SMT-i6021 VoIP Phone

SMT-i6021 - OfficeServ SMT-i6021 VoIP Phone
SMT-i6021 - OfficeServ SMT-i6021 VoIP Phone
SMT-i6021 - OfficeServ SMT-i6021 VoIP Phone

The wireless SMT-i6011 and SMT-6021 deskphones offer completely integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® which means no expensive cabling costs. The phones integrate with your smartphone when used with the Samsung Device Manager (SDM) application. HD Voice ensures your conversations are crystal clear. Purchase price does not include installation nor maintenance. Requires OfficeServ Software Version 4.9x or higher.

Smartphone Interoperation (SDM)

The Samsung Desktop Manager (SDM) is a smartphone application that allows a user to use the contacts, call log, or program keys and also configure various settings by interoperating with the Samsung SMT-i5343, Samsung SMT-i6011 and Samsung SMT-i6021 Telephone.

Supported Smart Phones and Tablets

  • Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5
  • Samsung Note 2 and 3
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet
  • Other Android devices may work but have not been tested by Samsung.

Call Move

You can move a call back and forth between the IP phone and mobile phone.  When the IP phone is connected with your smart phone's bluetooth headset, a call can be transferred from the IP phone to smart phone using the Call Move button.


  • A distinctive ‘floating’ handset. This looks stylish, but its real purpose is functional rather than aesthetic, making it easy to pick up the handset from any direction or angle.
  • Easy to configure and update: A simple USB drive lets you easily configure new phones and upgrade phone software.
  • Versatile connectivity. This includes a two-port Gigabit switch, headset port and a USB port.
  • Contact synchronization: upload and synchronize contacts from your smartphone to your deskphone via SDM application.
  • Call sharing via Bluetooth: Leverage the IP phone’s powerful speaker phone or handset to hear and share calls on your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot: Use your deskphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. If the desk phone is connected to the network using its wired Ethernet cable, up to five devices can connect wirelessly to gain network access. This is useful in providing simple wireless networking in small offices or in buildings where cabling is difficult.
    • Specifications

      Voice Codecs - G.711, G.729a/b, G.722 (AMR-WB)
      LCD - 3.2” Mono / 128 x 64 pixels
      Back-Light - Yes
      DSS/BLF - 12 /12
      Fixed Function Key - 14
      Navigation Button - Yes
      Soft Key - 4
      Network Interface - 2 ports GbE
      Speaker Phone - Yes
      Headset Jack - Yes
      PoE Interface Class - 0
      Dimension - 240mm × 181mm × 125mm
      HD Speaker phone/ Microphone - No
      Wireless connectivity - Bluetooth, Wi-F

    Our Price: $319.00

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