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os7200spackage - Samsung OfficeServ 7200-S Medium Phone System Package

os7200spackage - Samsung OfficeServ 7200-S Medium Phone System Package

The Samsung OfficeServ 7200-S is the next generation of telephone system. Each telephone system is assembled and custom programmed based on the needs of your company.

8 Telephone Lines
16 Digital Station Ports
Voice Mail with 5 E-mail Gateway licenses

Optional Features

Multi-System Networking - Network up to 99 seperate telephone systems. Now calling other branches is as easy as dialing an extension number!

Remote Keysets - Have a telephone extension anywhere in the world. Ideal for outside sales, home workers, and CEO's.

SIP Trunks - Cut your telephone bill by using SIP trunking.

Wireless Extensions - Always away from your desk? Wireless keysets let you take your phone calls anywhere in your office.

Call 1-866-898-2303 for more information!

Voicemail with 5 Email licenses
1 each Voice and Data Switch Cabinet with Power Supply
1 each 8 Port Central Office Trunk Card
1 each 16 Port Digital Station Cards
1 each Main Processor Card and software flash card
The following included parts are not made by Samsung.
DesiLite Software and Phone label papers
Cables, Connection Blocks, 66 Punch Tool
Jumper Wire, Cross Connect Guides
End User Training
User guides and tech manuals (PDF)

Our Price: $3,323.00

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