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Technical Support - Technical Support

Technical Support - Technical Support

Need help? Our technical support staff is certified on all Samsung and NEC DSX, NEC SL1100 and NEC SL2100 telephone systems. We can walk you through programming changes or troubleshooting over the phone or connect to your telephone system remotely (may require some setup). We also support Nortel, Panasonic, Vodavi and many other brands of telephone system. $40.00 per half hour. For help or an estimate call 1-866-898-2303. Our Technicians Can Provide Support On The Following Telephone Systems Samsung 816/824/56ex Telephone Systems Samsung iDCS 616, iDCS 100 and iDCS 500 NEC DS1000 and DS2000 Telephone Systems NEC DSX 40, DSX 80 and DSX 160 Vodavi phone systems X Blue phone systems Norstar telephone systems Technical support rates are 40 dollars per half hour, per incident, and we can provide an estimate of the time it will require to fix your problem. Call 1-866-898-2303 for technical support

Our Price: $40.00

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