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OS7100SBSIPPKG - Samsung OfficeServ 7100 VoIP System Starter Package

OS7100SBSIPPKG - Samsung OfficeServ 7100 VoIP System Starter Package

Telecommuting is good for business as well as the earth, remote workers can stay connected and help the environment, too. Samsung is bundling a remote IP phone and a single license with our special OfficeServ 7100 Go Green pre-packaged Telephone System.

The OfficServ 7100 and Remote IP Phone is tailor-made for savings.
Remote IP-phone features makes working remotely easy and productive
Travel expenses are reduced with IP remote capabilities
Valued employees can telecommute improving retention, satisfaction and morale
Work schedules can be staggered to avoid rush hour traffic... while customers protect their bottom lines, working remotely protects the earth

Configured for 4 telephone lines, 8 digital station ports, 4 port voice mail with email gateway, 4 digital 21 button keysets and 1 remote VoIP 21 button keyset. This package is assembled, programmed, plug and play ready.

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