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OS7100PKG3PHONES - Samsung OfficeServ 7100 Package with [3] iDCS 28 Button Phones

OS7100PKG3PHONES - Samsung OfficeServ 7100 Package with [3] iDCS 28 Button Phones

The Samsung OfficeServ 7100 is the next generation of telephone system. Each telephone system is assembled and custom programmed based on the needs of your company.

4 Telephone Lines
8 Digital Station Ports
[3] 28-Button Display Telephones
SVMi-e Voice Mail with 5 E-mail Gateway licenses

Optional Features

Multi-System Networking - Network up to 99 seperate telephone systems. Now calling other branches is as easy as dialing an extension number!

Remote Keysets - Have a telephone extension anywhere in the world. Ideal for outside sales, home workers, and CEO's.

SIP Trunks - Cut your telephone bill by using SIP trunking.

Wireless Extensions - Always away from your desk? Wireless keysets let you take your phone calls anywhere in your office.

Call 1-866-898-2303 for more information!

  • Voicemail with 5 Email licenses
  • [3] iDCS 28-Button Display Speaker Phones
  • [1] Voice and Data Switch Cabinet with Power Supply
  • [1] 4 Port Central Office Trunk Card
  • [2] 4 Port Digital Station Cards
  • [1] Universal Card
  • [1] OS MCP and software flash card
    The following included parts are not made by Samsung
  • DesiLite Software and Phone label papers
  • Cables, Connection Blocks, 66 Punch Tool
  • Jumper Wire, Cross Connect Guides
  • End User Training on request
  • End User Quick installation Video (online)
  • User guides and tech manuals (PDF)
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