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dsx80special - NEC DSX-80 with IntraMail Basic and 4 phones

dsx80special - NEC DSX-80 with IntraMail Basic and 4 phones

up to 8 telephone lines
up to 16 NEC digital telephones
4ea NEC DSX 22-button display phone
4-port NEC DSX voice mail with 160 mailboxes

Our special offer comes with 22-button display speaker phones

The cost-effective IntraMail provides sophisticated Voice Mail and Automated Attendant features previously available only with expensive add-ons or costly external units.

• Voicemail with 160 mailboxes
• 4 ea NEC 22 Button Display Telephones
• 1 each NEC DSX-80 Main Cabinet
• 1 each NEC DSX 8 Port Central Office Trunk Card
• 1 each NEC DSX 16 Port Digital Station Card
• 1 each NEC DSX Power Supply
• 1 each NEC DSX CPU Card
• User guides and tech manuals (PDF)

For more information about the NEC DSX phone system check out our Knowledge Base!

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