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dsx80p2 - NEC DSX-80 Small Telephone System Package 2

dsx80p2 - NEC DSX-80 Small Telephone System Package 2

This low cost, high quality, NEC DSX 80 phone system is the number one selling phone system in the Nation. Each telephone system comes assembled and programmed (plug and play) based on the requirements of your business

up to 8 telephone lines
up to 16 NEC digital telephones
4ea NEC DSX 22-button display phones
4-port NEC IntraMail Basic voice mail with 160 mailboxes

Our special offer comes with 22-button display speaker phones.

The cost-effective IntraMail provides sophisticated Voice Mail and Automated Attendant features previously available only with expensive add-ons or costly external units.

Intramail Voicemail with 160 mailboxes
• 4 ea NEC 22 Button Display Telephones
• 1 each NEC DSX-80 Main Cabinet
• 1 each NEC DSX 8 Port Central Office Trunk Card
• 1 each NEC DSX 16 Port Digital Station Card
• 1 each NEC DSX Power Supply
• 1 each NEC DSX CPU Card
• Custom Printed Telephone Labels
• Cables, Connection Blocks, 66 Punch Tool
• Jumper Wire, Cross Connect Guides
NEC DSX User guides and tech manuals

For more information about the NEC DSX phone system check out our NEC DSX Knowledge Base!

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