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dsx40p1 - NEC DSX-40 Small Telephone System Plug and Play Package 1

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  1090020 - NEC DSX Phone System 22B Display Telephone

The NEC DSX 22B button telephone (DSX 22B Display Tel - 1090020) features a 3 x 20 Backlit Display with 4 Interactive soft keys giving you access to most of the phone system features without the need for a dedicated feature key. The 12 programmable function keys (dual LED) give you a visual indication of which lines and extensions are busy at a glance. 10 one-touch speed dial keys let you dial commonly used number with the touch of one button. Works with NEC DSX phone system only.

  1090021 - NEC DSX Phone System 34B Display Telephone

*No Longer Available* The NEC DSX 34B Display telephone (DSX 22B Display Tel - 1090021) features a Backlit Display and programmable function keys. Available for the NEC DSX 80, NEC DSX 160 phone system.

  OHP6000 - OHP6000 Message On Hold Player

The OHP6000 will add a message on hold to the NEC DSX, Samsung OfficeServ and Panasonic telephone system. Includes software to create custom message on hold messages. Educate your customers and increase your profitability by creating a custom message-on-hold! Discontinued and replaced by the OHP8000.

PH-171N-u10p - Plantronics H171 DuoPro® Voice Tube With QD Cable

Headset for the NEC DSX 22B Display Tel, DSX 34B Display Tel and the 34B Super Display Tel. The most versatile headset ever! The innovative Plantronics® DuoPro offers all day comfort and best-in-class sound quality. Inexpensive headset for the NEC DSX phone system 34B and 22B BL Display Tel. Includes Quick Connect cable.

Our Price: $150.00

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