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ITW-M8KSU-60 - SurgeGate 8 Outlet AC Surge Protection

ITW-M8KSU-60 - SurgeGate 8 Outlet AC Surge Protection
ITW Linx SurgeGate 8 outlet AC protection
- AC Protection for telecom systems
- SurgeGate Plus circuitry
- Expandable protection using SurgeGate modules
- Protects equipment against prolonged overvoltages by disconnecting the power to equipment, then automatically reconnecting it when the power has returnedto a safe level. This Protect-Disconnect-Reconnect feature acts as a gate to prevent unsafe voltages from damaging electronic equipment.
- 8 AC outlets power with four switched outlets
- 4 Diagnostic indicator lights
- 8' Power cord with right angle plug
- EMI/RFI noise filtration: 50db (99.7%)
- Mounting brackets included
- Lifetimemanufacturer's product warranty
- Manufacturer's connected equipment warranty: up to ,000
- SurgeGate Plus circuitry
- Thermal fusing
- Catastrophic surge circuit
- Over/undervoltage voltage protection
- Overvoltage voltage shutoff: 147V 8V
- Undervoltage voltage shutoff: 87V 8V
- Single pulse energy dissipation: 1650 Joules
- Peak impulse current: 52,000 A
- Line voltage: 120V (50/60Hz)
- UL 1449 rating: 330V
- Protection modes: L-N, L-G, N-G
- White
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