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1090021 - NEC DSX Phone System 34B Display Telephone

1090021 - NEC DSX Phone System 34B Display Telephone

This product is no longer available. For 34 button phones please follow this link 34-Button Super Display Phone

The NEC DSX 34B button telephone (DSX 22B Display Tel - 1090021) features a 3 x 20 Backlit Display with 4 Interactive soft keys giving you access to most of the phone system features without the need for a dedicate feature key. The 24 programmable function keys (dual LED) give you a visual indication of which phone lines and telephone extensions are busy at a glance. 10 one-touch speed dial keys let you dial commonly used telephone numbers with the touch of a button. Works with NEC DSX 40, DSX 80 and DSX 160 phone systems only.

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