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BE116502 - SL2100 Small InMail SD Card 15hr

BE116502 - SL2100 Small InMail SD Card 15hr
The SL2100 Small InMail SD Card/15hr Provides automated attendant and voice mail functions.

Although the SL2100 CPU card provides (4) ports of built-in InMail/VRS the SL2100 Small InMail SD Card replaces the built-in 2-hour storage and provides:

  • 1G/approximately 15 storage hours
  • Additional (25) languages (the CPU only provides one language)

When an InMail SD Card is added to an existing system, all existing messages & greetings are transferred to the SD Card. The SD card Installs in a dedicated connector on the CPU. Expandable from (4) ports to (16) ports with the addition of the Main Chassis Expansion Interface Card. InMail provides: (128) Subscriber Mailboxes (32) Group Mailboxes (32) Routing Mailboxes.

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