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730651 - NEC SL1100 AP20 Access Point

730651 - NEC SL1100 AP20 Access Point

The NEC SL1100 ML440 Wireless IP DECT handset along with the AP20 Access Point provides the convenience of mobility in the home or office by combining the latest VoIP and DECT communication technologies. The ML440 and AP20 use WiFi friendly DECT 6.0 (1.9 GHz) technology.

You can set up either a Single Cell or Multiple Cell solution. Single Cell 30 registered ML440 handsets 10 simultaneous calls Multiple Cell 20 access points 30 registered handsets per access point 8 simultaneous calls per access point Seamless handover

Since each ML440 handset registers in the SL1100 as an IP extension, you can have 32 handsets maximum per system. VOIPDB license requirements are the same as SL1100 IP keysets. Note that Intercom calls between ML440 handsets, as well as ML440 handsets and SL1100 IP keysets on the same LAN, are peer-2-peer and do not require a VOIPDB license.

Our Price: $395.00

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